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Our studio offers a variety of services for men, women and teens. Electrolysis is a method for permanent hair removal, laser is also for permanent hair removal and vein treatments, and Microcurrent helps reduce the signs of aging.


Man's chest laser hair removalUsing state of the art in laser technology equipment, the Apogee Elite offers the most optimal wavelengths for:

  • Hair removal
  • Treatment of facial and leg spider veins (telangiectasia, visible veins, varicosities, and broken blood vessels)
  • Treatment of pigmented lesions, age spots, freckles and sun spots.
  • Treatment of sun-damaged skin – Combination treatment visibly reduces redness and pigmentation, resulting in healthier, more radiant looking skin.


Woman's electrolysis hair removalElectrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal with over 120 years of proven results, safety and reliability.

Excessive hair – on face, arms, legs and abdomen can be a result of hormonal functions or imbalances, medication or stress. Women and men with this problem need not suffer in silence – electrolysis can eliminate this unwanted hair forever.

As seen on Oprah: “Look 10 years younger in 10 days”.


microcurrent-treatmentMicrocurrent aids in reducing the signs of aging by performing a non-surgical face-lift and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by utilizing a low level of electricity known as microcurrent.

Microcurrent technology enables you to:

  • Discover Youth From Within
  • Diminish the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Firm and Tone
  • Rejuvenate Aged Skin
  • Refine Large Pores
  • Be safe and See Results
  • Benefit from no Recuperation Period
  • See Immediate Results
  • Recapture a Youthful Glow

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Electrolysis Services for Electrolysis is the destruction of the hair follicle by using galvanic current, high frequency current (short wave or thermolysis) or the two available together known as the blend

NU SKIN, Derma MD, Bio-Therapeutic Clinical Skin Care, “Go-Natural”, all-in-one cosmeticGentle electrolysis permanent hair removal treatment in a confidential atmosphere and convenient Fraser Valley Location. Electrolysis permanent hair removal is available for women and men. Teens and children may also experience the benefits of electrolysis permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal. It was first developed in the United States in 1875 and later modified in France. A professional and skilled electrologist inserts a fine probe alongside the hair in the follicle. Then a small amount of electrical current or heat is applied to destroy the hair papilla (root) so each hair can then be easily removed. Since hair grows in stages, additional growth may reappear, but subsequent follow-up visits and following a regime will result in permanency.

Because electrolysis removes hair permanently, you will be saving time and money spent over a lifetime using temporary methods such as: shaving, waxing, bleaching, creams, or depilatories.