In 2015 I started electrolysis with Shelly on my chin and upper lip. In March 2016 I then had laser treatment to remove facial spider veins.  I am happy with the results of both treatments.  I have found Shelly to be very professional.  Her waiting and treatment rooms offer a serene atmosphere where you can relax before and after treatment.

Salli R.

I highly recommend Shelly – she offers a valuable service for anyone in need of electrolysis treatment.

Karin W.

I was very self-conscious of the facial hair I had on my chin. I’d been plucking for a couple of years. I have been getting electrolysis for about a year. The growth has really slowed down and I feel so much better about my appearance. I’m really glad that I did this for myself.

Trish P.

Shelly has a great personality and is very professional. The office is clean and has a very comfortable atmosphere. I am very happy with the progress of my electrolysis treatments. I wish I had started years ago!

Dorothy G.

I find this is a very good service and I am very pleased with the results. Everything is to my satisfaction. Shelly’s personality is great.

Janet Fulton

Great service! It works.

Christine B.

Nice clean environment. Shelly is very professional, friendly and very caring for my needs. I usually don’t have to wait more than five minutes, and that’s important.

Janice Bradley

It is so nice to not have to pluck my eyebrows or have to shave my underarms. I have noticed a lack of body odour as a result of no underarm hair. Thank you, Shelly!

Lisa Axelson

What has impressed me the most was shaping my eyebrows through electrolysis. When Shelly made that suggestion, I was more than hesitant, fearing a lengthy, expensive and painful procedure. It was none of the above and has proven to be a permanent solution to tweezing.

Renee C.

Shelly’s services are both professional and friendly. Her facilities are comfortable and she creates a relaxed atmosphere. All her appointments booked are prompt – no waiting around for your scheduled time. Shelly has achieved the goal I was looking for with her electrolysis technique.

Leslie Loewen