I’ve been to a lot of electrologists in the past 15 years and I find Shelly very professional and the quality of her work is very effective.

Shirley C.

Very professional, gentle, and attuned to my needs. The environment is clean and comfortable. Treatment always meets my expectations and is reasonably priced.

Wendy MacVicar

I am very pleased with the service I have received at Electrolysis by Shelly. Not only is Shelly very competent and professional, she is also a friendly person. I am also pleased with the results I am seeing in the hair removal that is occurring.

Margaret W.

I have been to see Shelly for some time now. I am pleased with what she has done for me. No more tweezing!

Leona P.

I have had electrolysis and am very happy with the treatments I have had. The results have been great. Shelly is very professional and her office and treatment room are always meticulous.

Denise C.

I am very happy with the service and treatment that I have gotten from Shelly.


I am really happy with my treatments. Shelly does a great job in a great atmosphere that is very relaxing. I look forward to my treatments and the rates are very reasonable.

Carol D.

I have enjoyed the kind, pleasant service from Shelly. She is always ready to help and offer advice, keeping me up-to-date on the latest products and treatments.

Arlene R.

I have noticed a huge improvement and have more confidence as I was getting laser hair removal treatments. The treatments are painless and I saw a difference in hair growth within the first couple of treatments. Thanks Shelly!

Amy V.

During menopause, I started growing dark facial hairs, like whiskers, on my chin. I feel much more feminine with these hairs removed.

Liz Webber