Not Just Electrolysis… We Offer Much More

We offer Laser, Microcurrent and Electrolysis treatments for men, women and teens wanting a clearer complexion, safe, permanent and effective hair removal, anti-aging and body contouring, lifting and toning.

At Electrolysis by Shelly, we use state-of-the-art equipment in a comfortable, professional setting. We are Health Canada approved for safety. Our caring and highly-skilled technician can help you with all of your skin care and hair removal needs.

Improved Physical Appearance &
Emotional Attitude are so Rewarding

Laser Hair Removal


Laser Treatments are very effective for hair removal, broken capillaries and spider veins.  Whether male, female or a teen, laser reduces or eliminates the appearance of sun damage, age spots and freckles.

Woman having microcurrent treatment done


Excellent for body contouring, lifting and toning, microcurrent is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery. Treatments can also take care of removing scar tissue and lymphatic drainage.

Woman's lips - electrolysis


Tired of shaving or waxing? Electrolysis is a much better solution for permanent hair removal. Enjoy your summers stubble-free and toss your razors away with this efficient method. Electrolysis is very efficient for removal of fatty deposits and skin tags.

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News and Articles

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