Did you know that lymphatic drainage has an anti-aging effect?

How is this possible?

Getting toxins out of the body, which is what lymphatic drainage stimulation does, improves everything about your body.  There are seven channels of elimination in your body:  liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin and lymphatic system.  When the lymphatic system is stimulated, e.g., microcurrent lymphatic drainage, you will benefit in all those areas and improves your digestion, immune system, circulation, etc.  Your skin benefits as toxins are being removed.

The lymphatic drainage will work on other levels too, e.g., circulation to the skin of course will cause more blood flow to the face (making your skin glow). This is in a totally natural way without skin care creams, serums or other cosmetic enhancements or surgical facelifts.

Of course, your skin may initially break out as toxins are being released (similar to when you do a cleanse and get pimples, headaches and flu-like symptoms.)  Not everyone will experience those symptoms.  (It is recommended to be well-hydrated prior to your lymphatic drainage session and to also drink lots of water post-session.)

Another reason lymph drainage has an anti-aging effect is the way it works on the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting a deep state of relaxation to, not only the body, but to the face.  Releasing skin tension helps to regenerate and oxygenate, thereby improving overall facial beauty.  We all know how stress ages us and makes us look years older unnecessarily!

I recommended you try facial rejuvenation by receiving a micro-current facial treatment along with lymphatic drainage for twofold anti-aging benefits.