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I chose to recommend electrolysis

I Chose to Recommend Electrolysis

I chose to recommend electrolysis to a client recently. The condition of the hair was such that I felt the hair removal results would be much more effective continuing electrolysis rather than switching to the laser as a treatment for hair removal. Here is the reason why.

Comparing Hair Removal Choices

A client of mine, receiving electrolysis hair removal treatments for a period of time, decided they would like to switch over to laser hair removal to treat the same area in place of electrolysis. My client believed the hair would be cleared faster, and there would be less treatments involved, and most likely there would possibly be no shaving of the hair involved. On our initial consultation before beginning treatment, I gave an in-depth explanation of how both the electrolysis and laser treatments individually work in the hair removal process.

After examination of the hair needing to be treated, I observed that the most effective treatment would be electrolysis and not the laser for my client in this particular area. The electrolysis was agreed upon as the treatment option and the treatment began.

Clients and Continuing Education

Let me say that its very important to me to always continue to educate and re-educate my clients so they know what the outcomes will be in their informed decision. Of course, there will always be questions along the way, which I encourage.

I Saw Red

When I observed my client’s hair from different angles, I could see, that even though it appeared to be dark on the outside, there is a hue of red running through the outer shaft of the majority of the hair. In this case, I knew the laser would be able to target only the hair that had more pigment in it and most likely only weaken the remaining hairs. Red hair tends to be less responsive to laser treatment than other colours of hair.

Laser Works with Pigment

Laser works with the pigment in the hair and in this case, I knew electrolysis would be the best choice for my client. Electrolysis will treat all colours of hair. The benefits of electrolysis hair removal for this client is the best choice.

Alternative Options

There are alternative options depending on individual client needs. Treatments of laser and electrolysis can be integrated in a specific way. All client cases are unique and its important to treat them as such.

Information and continued education throughout client treatment helps in understanding not only options, but how treatment is progressing and whether a switch in hair removal treatment method is something to be considered.

Inspirational Resolutions for 2023
Gratitude Journal Concept. Writing I Am Grateful In Journal

Inspirational Resolutions for 2023

In this new year it is unlikely that anything will be magically different about our world or about ourselves in a snap. We can decide to take small steps to improve how the new year unfolds for us. Let’s reflect on the year behind us and start to make some small personal positive changes for the year ahead of us. Here are a few ways we can do this if we so choose.

Write 5 Positive Things Down Every Morning

You are signaling to your brain that you deserve these things to show up in your life.

Drink More Water

The majority of us are dehydrated.

Be Proud of Yourself

Say 7 different things in the mirror, you are proud about yourself every morning.

Call a Friend

Instead of texting, call or facetime, you will feel more connected.

Keep a Journal

Writing your thoughts down when you feel anxious or depressed can be beneficial.

Take up a New Hobby

Learn something new, it helps in stimulating your brain and giving you new confidence.

Pay it Forward

We receive from others, so it feels great to give back unexpectedly. We could pay for a stranger’s meal at a drive thru and make their day.

Be a Good Listener

You can learn so much more about others when you take time to be a good listener.

Give a Compliment a Day

You may make that person’s day and in turn, it makes us feel better as well.

Clear Away Your Clutter

Get rid of things you don’t need or that no longer serves you.

Write Down Your Goals

You have a better chance to attain your goals by not only saying them but putting them to paper.

Choose to Shrug Things Off

People in general are not trying to insult, offend or hurt us by what they say or do. It is better for our well being to let it go and stop thinking about it.

Write Down 1 Thing You’re Grateful for Every Day

At the end of the day take your note pad and write what you are grateful for, and you will feel lighter and more content when you lay your head down.


Resolutions at the start of a new year brings opportunities to inspire some new habits. Some new habits will stick, and some may not, but there is no harm in trying.

One Recurring Client Question, Let Me Explain

One Recurring Client Question, Let Me Explain…

It has come to my attention over the years of working in the field of permanent hair removal, my clients have one recurring question they desire an answer to. I would say during most of my consultations there is one question that comes up no matter what the area being examined for hair removal is. The consultee’s question to me is: “What will be the average time and cost for the area/areas I would like treated?”

No Simple Answer

Now that is not a question that can be answered in just a few words. As a matter of fact, I usually find I need to explain that there is no average and that the question needs a more lengthy explanation as there is no simple answer. Let me explain.

Different Areas Have Different Types of Hair Growth

Different areas of the body have different types of hair growing. Some hairs are coarse, some medium and some are fine. The hairs in different areas need specific treatment settings and timing depending on what type of hair is growing. If there is more than one type of hair growing, for example, coarse hair and fine hair in one area, then there will be different treatment settings and timing for each of these types of growing hairs.

The Long and Short of It

The coarser the hairs, the longer the timing and higher the setting will be to treat those hairs. The finer the hairs, the less timing, and lower settings to treat those types of hairs. There is also the consideration of whether the hairs have been tweezed, waxed, threaded, depilated, or shaved in the past. Really, the short of it is that each client’s hair growth treatments are so individualized. One client’s treatment protocol may be so different to another client’s treatment protocol. Therefore, the cost of treatments will vary.

Precise Treatment Protocol

The best way to outline the precise treatment protocol for your specific hair growth needs, is to book an appointment to come in for a consultation. The purpose is to see and examine the type of hair growing in the area and whether there have been temporary methods of hair removal used before. This will help determine the correct and individual hair removal schedule to obtain lasting results.

If this recurring client question is one you have considered asking, please give us a call to book your one-on-one consultation appointment.

My Electrologist Practice: Twenty-Nine Years and Counting...

My Electrologist Practice: Twenty-Nine Years and Counting…

Wow! It has been twenty-nine years and counting since I started my practice as an electrologist. I was just thinking the other day how time flies by. Where does the time go? There has been so much to learn and experience. This includes the technical aspects of my profession, as well as interpersonal interactions. Building warm and sustaining friendships and acquaintances over the years have been a blessing.

Meeting New Clients

It is a pleasure every day to meet new clients and revisit with present ones. Each client is so different and unique in their personality and their goals. Finding a specific and tailored plan for each client is essential to meet their goals.

Knowledge and Learning

Considerable knowledge has been acquired over the years. When I first began training in my profession, I found the process of hair growth was more complex than I thought it would be. I also believed brown spots and sun damage were untreatable. When I took my training in laser treatments, I learned that brown spots and sun damage are treatable. Skill in the use of laser technology gives me the ability to repair and improve the skin’s appearance.

Closely Working with Clients

It is important that my clients and I work closely together. Their complete confidence in me is ensured by my many years of training and experience. My clients put their trust in my ability to fulfill their specific needs in their treatment of choice, for this I am very grateful. I will do my utmost to live up to the trust they have placed in me.

The Journey Continues

As I continue my professional journey that I started twenty-nine years ago, my commitment is to make the experience of my clients genuine and positive. From the initial consultation to the end of treatment, it is vital that my clients have the full picture of their treatment process. I continue to educate and re-educate my clients, so keep those queries coming. Any questions that come to mind are welcome and encouraged.

The Hair Pathway: More Complex than You Think

The Hair Pathway: More Complex than You Think

There are different types of hair growth within a follicle pathway. Your electrologist will determine you may have one or more during electrolysis treatments.

Lanugo Hair (Pre-Natal Hair)

Lanugo Hair is very fine, soft, unpigmented hair and is only found on unborn babies. This hair is shed by the fetus in the seventh- or eighth month during pregnancy.

Vellus Hair (Peach Fuzz)

Vellus hair is very much downy, soft and has no pigment. It is usually all over the body. It looks mostly like white fuzz. It rarely grows longer than two centimetres. This hair does not have a medulla and the root is close to the surface of the skin.

‘Tombstone’ Hairs

Tombstone hairs from a follicle previously treated in the growing (anagen) stage of growth which remain in the skin as the electrologist will have removed a hair from the follicle when in the resting (telogen) stage, unaware that a new anagen hair was forming underneath. These hairs are thick, very dark, brittle, and look like a foreign body at the surface of the skin. They can be removed by exfoliation of the skin or by tweezing.

Distorted Hair

Distorted hair is a result of twisted or contorted configuration of the hair follicles in the skin. Each time a hair is plucked, waxed, tweezed, or threaded; it causes trauma to the base of the hair. This causes the follicle to distort and results in ingrown hairs.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be identified by small bumps on the skin, inflammation, and erythema. Sometimes the hair can be visible under the skin. Causes of ingrown hairs are understood to be rubbing and chafing, irritation, and dry skin. A sterile needle can be used to release the hair from under the skin. However, the hair should be left alone if the skin is inflamed and infected until the skin has healed, prior to electrolysis treatment. This will allow the pathway from the ingrown hair to heal and ensures it doesn’t grow back.

Compound Hairs

Compound Hairs are also known as ‘Pili Multigemini’ hairs and occur where the follicle has two or more dermal papilla, which results in two or more hairs growing from the same follicle. The electrologist will identify the most conspicuous hair and treat with an electrolysis current – this may affect both hairs. The first hair will be removed and then see if the second hair will be removed without traction. If not, the second hair will be treated with slightly reduced intensity and time.

Curved Hairs

The growth cycle of a curved hair is the same as for a straight hair. Curved or oval follicles can be found in Caucasian skin, but predominantly occur in Black skin. In most cases, the lower quarter of the curved follicle turns at an obtuse (greater than 90°) angle from the follicle, which causes a flattening of the hair structure. This flattened shape is what causes the curling of the hair shaft.

The curve of the hair above the skin can be greater than the follicle curvature. When the hair slides out, your electrologist will check the depth, and use this as a guide for following electrolysis insertions.

Terminal Hair

Terminal hair is a complex hair structure. Each hair has a hair shaft and hair root. The hair shaft is the part you can see. The hair root extends deep into the layers of your skin. The hair follicle surrounds each hair root and is attached to a tiny muscle which makes your hair stand up. At the base of each hair, the root widens into a round hair bulb. At the bottom of the hair bulb is the hair papilla, which supplies the root of your hair with blood.

Terminal Hair Has Three Developmental Stages

    • Asexual hair: present at birth, influenced by growth hormones and is found on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and, to a lesser extent, on forearms and legs, in both sexes and at all ages.
    • Ambisexual hair: develops in both sexes at puberty, influenced by steroid hormone production and is found in the axilla (armpit), pubis, lower limbs, and abdomen. Density and rate of growth varies widely between sexes and within individuals of the same sex.
  • Sexual hair: Androgen hormone production influences sexual hair growth. Different areas have different levels of sensitivity to androgens; for example, the pubic area and armpits are particularly sensitive and develop axillary hair. Pubic and axillary hair develop on both men and women, although males develop more pronounced terminal hair and, in more areas, – nasal passage, ears, beard, upper lip, back and chest – as they have naturally higher levels of testosterone, the male hormone. This type of hair is longer, coarser, and pigmented, varies in shape, diameter, texture, length, and colour.

The Takeaway

Hair that is thicker will need a higher current intensity, compared to finer hair. Distorted follicles create a curved hair and are better treated with what is known as the ‘blend’ treatment. A different approach of treatment is required for different types of hair.

Contact me to customize your own personal hair removal treatment plan.

Electrolysis – Commitment, Consistency and Patience is Key: Hair Growth Cycle

Electrolysis – Commitment, Consistency and Patience is Key

Commitment, consistency, and patience is key to achieve many long-term or important goals in our lives. However, a quick fix mentality pervades our society today. It affects our personal expectations in many aspects of our lives.

Our instinct is to dislike complexity; therefore, we want things to happen at the speed of light.

We’re Living in an Instant Society

This expectation for instant results flows into our everyday life. We prefer to lose weight, look younger, and get rid of unwanted hair at the speed of light. Whatever happened to patience? Remember the old saying: “Patience is a virtue.”? Yikes! I’m probably dating myself.

Lessons Learned in the Past Still Apply Today

I recall when I took my training in electrolysis hair removal close to twenty-nine years ago. We were trained that to succeed in removing hair permanently it took commitment, consistency, and patience on the part of the client and the electrologist to get to the point of permanent removal of the unwanted hair.

It is still the same today. It takes those same principles because there is no quick fix for permanent hair removal at the speed of light scenario.

In discussing my clients’ concerns and expectations we are always able to come up with a treatment plan unique to the client. I will continue to educate my clients all the way through the process.

It is important to me that my clients ask questions and if there is a concern about the electrolysis treatment, I am always open to a discussion and to answer all questions.

Here are some of the more popular subjects of which my clients have inquired:

Commit to the process. Once you start permanent hair removal treatments, it is important to make a commitment from the beginning to the end of the electrolysis treatment for hair to be permanently gone.

Different types of hairs require different amounts of treatments. A robustly strong hair will need more treatments than a softer, less robust hair to be permanently gone.

There are different hair growth cycles. This is why it is important to book treatments when the hair is in the correct cycle for treatment of the hair/hairs. The target cycle is the anagen cycle.

Initially, close and consistent treatments are the key. A client that is new to electrolysis treatments will need consistent treatments close together for the first 2 – 4 months to clear the area of hair. Later, the treatment may be shorter in length or further apart. If the area is a larger area, the hair will have to be cleared in one area and then move on to clearing the rest of the area.

In Conclusion

It is important for me to understand the outcome my clients are looking to achieve. Continue to ask questions and share your concerns. It’s going to take commitment, consistency, and patience on both yours and my part for permanent hair removal to be achieved.

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