Laser Spider Vein Treatment– What’s the Right Season?

Spider Veins
Spider Veins
Laser Spider Vein Treatment – What’s the Right Season?

While summer is over, school is back in and the weather has changed from hot and sunny to warm and sunny, with a bit of rain in between; in other words, fall.

When this change to fall comes along, I receive frequent requests by clients to obtain laser treatments to eliminate their bothersome brown spots and unsightly spider veins.

I endeavour to educate my clients as to the best time or season in which they should pursue having each of these treatments. You guessed it! Best time for laser treatment of brown spots and spider veins is in the fall and winter.

You will want to make a comprehensive plan to get those pesky spider veins and brown spots treated in advance of the arrival of summer.

 Fall and Winter is the Best Time

You are probably wondering why this is the best time?  Most inquire about getting each of these laser treatments just as the summer arrives.  It is hot and sunny daily, the shorts, sundresses and bathing suits come out and the skin is exposed more and more to the sun. 

It seems to make sense that you would want to improve your skin right at the time it becomes more exposed. A common misconception is that treatments can be done after sun exposure has already taken place, immediately before heading out into the sun or off on a trip, not realizing there is much more planning involved before and after treatments.

The truth is laser treatment for both brown spots and veins are best planned and booked in the fall or winter and treated two to three months prior to summer arriving.


There are a number of reasons why fall and winter are the best seasons to schedule your vein and brown spot treatments.

Vein Treatment
  • Long pants pants and tights will hide the mild bruising and slight swelling that occurs for a short time immediately after the treatment.
  • Compression stockings (optional) tend to be more comfortable to wear in the cooler months.
  • Treated areas are less likely to be exposed to sun, (unless you are a regular at the tanning salon) which can cause discoloration as the veins are being absorbed by the body. Gradual fading in 8 to 12 weeks for leg veins and 6 to 8 weeks for facial veins.
 Brown Spots (Age Spots) Treatment
  • You are not out in the sun as much and are wearing more protective clothing.
  • Sun exposure will cause your skin to darken or become photo-damaged.
  • After laser procedure, exposure to sun could cause further hyperpigmentation to already photosensitive skin.

We have recently begun booking clients for both laser vein and brown spot treatments in advance of fall and winter months.

Our Special Offer during the month of October 2020 is 15% off Laser Spider Vein Treatments.

If you have spider veins or brown spots (age spots) and have been considering eliminating them, now is the ideal time to give us a call to book your spot.