Microcurrent and Radio Frequency: What’s the Difference?

Microcurrent and Radio Frequency: What's the Difference?

Microcurrent and Radio Frequency: What’s the Difference?

Microcurrent and Radio Frequency are different but both are non-invasive procedures.

What is Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency is in the same category as sound waves like your Wi-Fi signals, carried by your cell phone or sunlight. Radio frequency is measured in frequency or wavelengths.  It is part of the “electromagnetic spectrum.”  Radio Frequency has the capacity to produce heat.  The heat applied to the skin’s deeper layers introduces new collagen and elastin production.

Increasing Elastin Production

When the treated area reaches its optimum temperature of 52-55 degrees Celsius, it pushes your collagen fibres back together and increases elastin production, the protein that elasticity in your skin.  This safe, painless process ultimately encourages cell turnover.  Radio frequency is used to tighten the skin, and the results typically take a few days to see the changes.

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent facial and body therapy works using a low level of electrical current that mimics the body’s natural current.  Microcurrent therapy helps re-educate the facial and body muscles to lift sagging skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lifting droopy eyelids and improves overall skin tone and texture.  Microcurrent improves product penetration so your skin gets the most out of your skincare ingredients.

True Microcurrent device that has two probes.  Having separate probes allows a “Pinch-and-hold” technique.  This feature allows you to literally pinch and hold the muscles of the face, delivering the benefits of the current directly into the belly of the muscles being worked on.  Like Radio Frequency, Microcurrent facial and body treatments are traditionally completed in a series and require upkeep treatments. (Relatable to exercising to maintain heathy muscles.)  It is a cumulative treatment.  The best results show when you follow a series of Microcurrent treatments (usually 6 – 14) 1 – 2 times per week, then begin a monthly maintenance treatment.  Each Microcurrent facial and body treatment builds upon the last to create an increasing natural antiaging, natural radiant glow of your skin.

The Difference Between Microcurrent and Radio Frequency

The difference is as follows: “Microcurrent works to stimulate facial muscles and cellular metabolism. And Radio Frequency greatly improves elasticity and collagen production.”

  • Radio Frequency works to tighten the skin.
  • Microcurrent works to tighten the muscles.
  • Radio Frequency produces heat to simulate new collagen and elastin production.
  • Microcurrent re-educates the facial muscles without sensing anything in the skin.
  • Radio Frequency uses electrical current to produce a supervise heat “injury” resulting in a reaction from the body.
  • Microcurrent uses electrical current to mimic the body’s natural process.
  • Both Radio Frequency and Microcurrent work best when treatments are repeated consistently over time.

Radio Frequency and Microcurrent technologies compliment one another quite well.  You are most likely wondering which one would be best for you.  It may seem there is a natural simple answer to Microcurrent vs Radio Frequency.  It all depends on what your skin needs, and goals are. In deciding its important to keep your skin goals in mind.  Based on what you would like to see happen we can discuss all the possibilities for your unique skin needs and help you make the best decision, moving forward.

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