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I chose to recommend electrolysis

I Chose to Recommend Electrolysis

I chose to recommend electrolysis to a client recently. The condition of the hair was such that I felt the hair removal results would be much more effective continuing electrolysis rather than switching to the laser as a treatment for hair removal. Here is the reason why.

Comparing Hair Removal Choices

A client of mine, receiving electrolysis hair removal treatments for a period of time, decided they would like to switch over to laser hair removal to treat the same area in place of electrolysis. My client believed the hair would be cleared faster, and there would be less treatments involved, and most likely there would possibly be no shaving of the hair involved. On our initial consultation before beginning treatment, I gave an in-depth explanation of how both the electrolysis and laser treatments individually work in the hair removal process.

After examination of the hair needing to be treated, I observed that the most effective treatment would be electrolysis and not the laser for my client in this particular area. The electrolysis was agreed upon as the treatment option and the treatment began.

Clients and Continuing Education

Let me say that its very important to me to always continue to educate and re-educate my clients so they know what the outcomes will be in their informed decision. Of course, there will always be questions along the way, which I encourage.

I Saw Red

When I observed my client’s hair from different angles, I could see, that even though it appeared to be dark on the outside, there is a hue of red running through the outer shaft of the majority of the hair. In this case, I knew the laser would be able to target only the hair that had more pigment in it and most likely only weaken the remaining hairs. Red hair tends to be less responsive to laser treatment than other colours of hair.

Laser Works with Pigment

Laser works with the pigment in the hair and in this case, I knew electrolysis would be the best choice for my client. Electrolysis will treat all colours of hair. The benefits of electrolysis hair removal for this client is the best choice.

Alternative Options

There are alternative options depending on individual client needs. Treatments of laser and electrolysis can be integrated in a specific way. All client cases are unique and its important to treat them as such.

Information and continued education throughout client treatment helps in understanding not only options, but how treatment is progressing and whether a switch in hair removal treatment method is something to be considered.

My Electrologist Practice: Twenty-Nine Years and Counting...

My Electrologist Practice: Twenty-Nine Years and Counting…

Wow! It has been twenty-nine years and counting since I started my practice as an electrologist. I was just thinking the other day how time flies by. Where does the time go? There has been so much to learn and experience. This includes the technical aspects of my profession, as well as interpersonal interactions. Building warm and sustaining friendships and acquaintances over the years have been a blessing.

Meeting New Clients

It is a pleasure every day to meet new clients and revisit with present ones. Each client is so different and unique in their personality and their goals. Finding a specific and tailored plan for each client is essential to meet their goals.

Knowledge and Learning

Considerable knowledge has been acquired over the years. When I first began training in my profession, I found the process of hair growth was more complex than I thought it would be. I also believed brown spots and sun damage were untreatable. When I took my training in laser treatments, I learned that brown spots and sun damage are treatable. Skill in the use of laser technology gives me the ability to repair and improve the skin’s appearance.

Closely Working with Clients

It is important that my clients and I work closely together. Their complete confidence in me is ensured by my many years of training and experience. My clients put their trust in my ability to fulfill their specific needs in their treatment of choice, for this I am very grateful. I will do my utmost to live up to the trust they have placed in me.

The Journey Continues

As I continue my professional journey that I started twenty-nine years ago, my commitment is to make the experience of my clients genuine and positive. From the initial consultation to the end of treatment, it is vital that my clients have the full picture of their treatment process. I continue to educate and re-educate my clients, so keep those queries coming. Any questions that come to mind are welcome and encouraged.

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