Unexpected Reaction After Laser Hair Removal

Top view of attractive young woman tanning in solarium
Relaxing, but not a good idea within 48 hours before or after laser treatments
What? This hasn’t happened before!

You have been getting laser hair removal treatments for a while now, without any side effects.  Suddenly you have an adverse reaction after just one treatment, though the same laser was used as before. Red bumps that became itchy or brown spots unexpectedly appear. Why?


Laser treatments have an element of risk.  Even with best preparation, skill and experience, there is always a chance of burning, hyper- or hypo-pigmentation, blistering, scarring and, in rare cases, growth of hair in the treated area.  Laser treatment, when done correctly, is very safe.


Typically local swelling at the treatment site resolves itself within hours.  Very rare occasions of blistering or burning may occur.  This may happen if the client has been exposed to the sun, tanning beds or artificial spray tanning.  Sun exposure may activate melanocytes in the skin and bring them to the surface.  It is important your technician discusses with you all the do’s and don’ts before performing this procedure.


If you expose your skin to sun several days before or after your laser treatment, chances of skin irritation or problems with pigmentation are more likely to occur, it is only temporary.  It is not possible to guarantee complete permanent laser hair removal as regrowth can occur with pregnancy, thyroid conditions or even menopause.


Permanent side effects are rare with laser hair removal.  It is important to be honest with your laser technician and let them know whether you have exposed yourself to any laser contraindications that took place within 48 hours before or after laser hair removal.  An honest disclosure is important for the success of laser treatments.