2021 Resolutions Could be Counterproductive

2021 Resolutions Could be Counterproductive. Green Tea Facial Mask

2021 Resolutions Could be Counterproductive

Its a popular tradition to set New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year.  But since 2020 was a year unlike any other, do resolutions even deserve a place on your to-do list? Could 2021 resolutions be counterproductive?

Uncertainty and Fear

The year 2020 brought so much uncertainty and fear, that most of us are beyond ready to turn the page and jump headfirst into 2021.

After uncertainty is the running theme, it is time to look at something more useful than a stressful resolution that puts more pressure on ourselves or set a goal that might not be realistic during a global pandemic.

It would be more useful to look at what is going on in our lives and especially given everything that has been asked of us to adapt during 2020!

Reasonable and Realistic Changes (Start Fresh, Start Small)

This is a really good time to make some type of change.  A change that is actually reasonable and realistic right now.  What we don’t want to do is set a really large sweeping kind of goal and resolution.

See if we can be a bit gentler with ourselves or give yourself the same kind of grace that you might give to someone that you really love or care about, who is in a similarly challenging situation.

If you’re itching to make some type of change or adopt a “fresh start,” start small.  Think in small incremental terms instead of big changes.

Consider why this small adjustment will make your life better.  Would making this change help you feel better or happier on a daily basis?

There are ways that we can shift our perspective and even be more attentive, aware and grateful for the things that are going well or those stable pieces of our daily lives.

Some Small Changes to Consider

Consider some of these small changes that have the ability to make you feel better or happier:

  1. Drink enough water.  We could all use a little more water.  Keep track of your water intake with an app, journal or a marked water bottle.  Making sure you’re hydrated also improves brain cognition and gives you a higher pain threshold
  3. Move more, sit less. We’re all guilty of sitting too much.  It turns out that sitting is the new smoking. (It’s terrible for your health!) Make a goal to take daily walks, bike rides or even running.
  5. Spend five minutes a day cleaning. Cleaning a few minutes each day will keep small messes from snowballing into a bigger problem.
  7. Ditch one bad habit. It could be nail-biting, smoking, eating out of boredom, not flossing regularly.  Just pick one bad habit that’s dragging you down and work on eliminating it from your life.
  9. Do a little act of kindness weekly. A little act of kindness goes a long way.  Pay for the person behind you in the drive-through.
  11. Put together an Emergency Kit You might just discover a new interest in survivalism.
  13. Practice the “Do It Now” rule. Try this: if something will take you ten minutes or less to accomplish – take care of it right away.
  15. Make time for your self-care.  Do something nice for yourself once a week.  It could be making time to read your favourite book, enjoying a long bath or treating yourself to a hydrating facial mask, like a green tea mask.  The nutrients in the mask will make your skin feel soft, supple and hydrated.

Be Kind to Yourself

Whatever your small adjustment is, be kind to yourself and find activities that make you feel better or happier on a daily basis.  When goal setting; be specific.  You stand a better chance to follow through when you are specific, not vague.  Every step is one step in the right direction. Do you have any more good ideas I should add to this list?  We would love for you to share.