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This refreshing beverage provides many health benefits!


Want to improve your electrolysis hair removal experience?

Try drinking more water.

Pretty much everything about your electrolysis treatment works better if you drink the right amount of water per day.  Plus, drinking water is good for you anyway!

Why Good Hydration Matters For Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatments

Hydrated skin just does a better job of conducting the currents used in electrolysis hair removal techniques.  Moisture is needed in the skin to properly conduct both RF and galvanic current.  Dry tissue is greatly unaffected.

Your electrologist wants to use the lowest setting they can.  You can only make that happen by drinking plenty of water.

Drinking Water Increases Comfort

If you find electrolysis hair removal treatments uncomfortable, try drinking more water.  Drinking enough water allows your electrologist to use a lower setting to get the results you want, and more comfort for you.  Drinking enough water results in your skin being supple and elastic, resulting in smoother insertions.

Additionally, research done by Dr. Michael Farrell of the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne, Australia, suggests that a thirsty person feels pain more intensely.

How Much Water and When?

For general hydration follow this simple rule of thumb:  Divide your weight by 2.  That is how many ounces of water you should aim for per day.  For example, a person weighs 150 pounds: 150 divided by 2 is 75, so that person would drink 75 ounces of water per day.


Before your treatment drink enough water so that you don’t feel thirsty – but not so much that you need to hop off the treatment table every few minutes.

If you want to feel great – hydrate!