Laser Vein Treatment – Winter Vs. Summer

Laser Vein Treatment – Winter Vs. Summer
Most of us aren’t as concerned about the appearance of leg veins in the winter; however, if you are planning to go to a tropical destination where it will be hot and sunny, you will want to plan get those pesky spider veins treated at least two to three months in advance of your trip.

The time between the treatment and your trip will allow the veins to be absorbed and disappear so you can show off your gorgeous gams on your vacation.

Winter is the best time to get laser treatments for your leg veins because your skin is in its natural colour and unexposed to sun (unless you are a regular at a tanning salon). Tanning adds pigment to your skin and makes your skin more sensitive to treatments, which can cause blistering and other potential side effects.

Therefore, preparation is the key as your treatment would most definitely have to be rescheduled for a much later date. That said, in the summertime, if you have had zero exposure to the sun and you want to get your leg veins treated with a laser, then it would be doable.

A common misconception is that treatments can be done after sun exposure has already taken place, or immediately before heading out into the sun or off on a trip, not realizing that there is much more planning involved before and after treatments.

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