Interesting Electrolysis Facts

New Growth or Regrowth Hair

When a new hair appears in a recently treated area you cannot tell if the hair is regrowth or, for example, an anagen hair replacing an earlier-shed telogen hair.  You cannot look at a hair and be certain because “new growth” hair and “regrowth” hair look pretty much the same.

Phases of Hair Growth

Anagen Growth Phase of hair on the arms, legs, eyelashes and eyebrows is a short growth phase of 30 – 45 days.

At any given time 10 to 15% percent of all hairs are in telogen phase (resting phase). This phase lasts for about 100 days for hairs on the scalp and much longer for hairs on the eyebrows, eyelash, arm and leg.

Coincidental Metallic Taste

A metallic taste is often reported during treatment on the face; also during cataphoresis.  It is possible that current causes a chemical reaction in the fluid around amalgam (metal) fillings.  Many patients with full dentures also report a metallic taste.

It is my guess that the DC current stimulates the taste buds and causes the familiar metallic taste.  It may only be coincidental that the taste is “metallic.”  But whatever the cause, there appears to be no danger to the patient from this phenomenon. 

A Modern-Day Alchemist

Arthur Hinkel was a modern-day alchemist.  Combining DC and HF produces a truly “golden” electrolysis technique.  His legacy is the prodigious use of the scientific method and willingness to share information.  Thanks to Hinkel, hard facts ended the “age of magic” in electrology and uplifted our profession forever!

The “Blend” is alive and well and growing in popularity everywhere – because it works! Combining DC and HF produces convincing results.