Self-Care as a Pair in Practice: A Couple baking or cooking in their kitchen.
Having a Blast in the Kitchen

Self-Care as a Pair

The Stress is mounting. February has arrived and so has the credit card bills from December’s holiday expenses.  We can allow the bills to weigh us down or decide to take another route.  This is where self-care as a pair comes in.

Take care of where our thoughts dwell and decompress with your partner to do things that are unique, enjoyable and bring the two of you together in an adventurous and memorable way.

Taking Time for the Two of You

Here are some ideas on how to spend quality time together:

  • Play Tourist in Your Own Town.  Is there a landmark in your town you’ve always wanted to visit, or a museum you’ve never seen?  Check off one or two of these Bucket List items.  Take your time and snap lots of pictures.
  • Make a Scrapbook of Your Relationship.  Even if you or your partner are not into crafts, you will get a kick out of this fun activity.  Gather up photos of your relationship, old concert ticket stubs or receipts of memorable short trips you have been on.  Make a book you will both treasure for days to come.
  • Make a Home-Cooked Meal Together.  This is a great way to spend quality time together with your significant other while having a blast in the kitchen.
  • Do Something Crafty Together.  Take a painting class together.  Compare your paintings at the end of the class and see the unique way you both express on canvas.
  • Have a Movie Marathon.  Grab the popcorn and settle in for all of your favourite movie picks.
  • Send Your Partner on a Treasure Hunt.  Send your partner on a scavenger hunt with handwritten clues.
  • Unwind and Treat Yourself.  Everyone loves to be pampered.  Book a soothing, hydrating facial mask of your choice.  It won’t break your wallet and your skin will feel oh so good.

Self Care as a Pair Tried and True

What are some other activities that you as a pair find enjoyable?  

We welcome your input. Inspire us with your ideas and suggestions for self-care as a pair.