Skin Tags

Skin Tag on 45 Year-old Caucasion Woman
Skin Tags on Neck of a 45 Year-old Woman
What is a Skin Tag?

An acrochordon (plural acrochorda; also known as a skin tag)

Dangerous? Yes or No?

I do meet a considerable amount of women in my practice and am often asked about skin tags, usually what causes them and what can be done to get rid of them?  Well I tell them is they are completely harmless, but they can be super annoying if you don’t like the way they look!

Where do they Grow and Why?

They often occur in areas of friction, like around the neck, bra area , under arms and groin areas.  You may have one or many of them.  About one in four people will grow skin tags at some point, and it increases with obesity, diabetes and age.

Want to Get Rid of a Skin Tag? What is the Best Procedure?

While methods on the internet claim you can remove skin tags at home; like tying the base of the tag with a thread or dental floss – this is something you absolutely shouldn’t do yourself. You’re opening yourself up to risk of scarring and infection.  Skin tag removal is achievable through electrolysis.  Its highly beneficial treatment is simple and affordable. Removing them lessens the risk of skin breakdown.  The procedure consists of cauterizing the skin tag with an electrolysis needle.  This allows the electrolysis method to sufficiently destroy the skin tag growth. This procedure typically lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Discomfort is minimal.


The course of treatments vary, due to size and number of skin tags.  It is non-invasive and will not commonly leave a scar.  You can expect optimal results, feel comfortable that your Electrologist will take care of your skin tags for you and give you peace of mind.