Love the Skin You're in this Spring.
A woman is washing her face and enjoying the exfoliation process.

Spring into a New Skin Care Routine

Spring is in the air.  Love the skin you’re in with your new spring skin care routine.  We know that winter is soon coming to an end (despite the prognostications of which ever groundhog one chooses to follow.)

Even though you seldom expose your skin to the winter elements, it still can be affected by winter.  The skin on your face and hands are affected the most.  The air is drier due to heating of homes and workplaces.  The winter wind can strip the natural moisture from our skin.  This may cause skin to become dry and flaky with red patches.  These excess dead skin cells can clog pores and cause acne.

Winter is almost over and so is dealing with moisture-stripping winds and central heating.  For many people this alone will improve their skin. For others a bit of skin repair is in order.


Exfoliation is the best way to remove dead skin cells.  Use a gentle exfoliant scrub only a few times each week and do not over-scrub. This will strip moisture from your skin similar to the winter winds. Our Nutricentials Extra Gentle Exfoliant Scrub is gentle and effective in removing dead skin cells.  It allows our skin to create new skin cells for clear radiant look. 


Hydration can be achieved by applying a moisturizer with glycolic acid , lactic acid or salicylic acid at night. This helps to slough away dead skin cells while you sleep.  It is best to apply it just after you have washed your face to help lock moisture in.  This is much more effective than applying a lotion to dry skin.  Many of my clients give glowing reviews on their personal experience of using our NAPCA Moisture Mist which locks in moisture.  It is both inexpensive and can be used without additional moisturizers.  Use all year round.


Even when it is cloudy out, it is still important to wear sunscreen. The UV rays still can come through the clouds and damage your skin. 

Use a Lighter Moisturizer

You may have been using a heavier lotion on your face and body during the winter.  This is no longer as effective, as a greasy layer can be left by these products when the weather grows warmer.

Drink Water

Another way to hydrate is to drink water.  It seems like it is hard to get a glass or two of water in each day, but a few cups of coffee by mid-morning seems entirely plausible.  Your skin is the largest organ on your body.  It and the rest of your body requires water to function.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is another way to get the water your system needs.  The nutrients and vitamins are an extra added bonus to these types of healthy snacks.  Lettuce, broccoli, carrots, apples and watermelon are some great examples.  Citrus fruits like grapefruits, oranges, tangerines and lemons are especially great for healthy skin.

Work Out

Doing a workout at the gym or at home may seem like another chore to add to an already busy day.  However, anything that will get your blood moving is effective for your skin.  A brisk walk in the evening, or a 30-minute stretching or yoga session in the sun are also effective. 

Self-Care and Skin Repair

The above suggestions are to assist you in achieving flawless, glowing skin.  These methods will make you happier and your skin healthier.

We can guide you and put you on the right track to a clear, radiant look. 

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