Are You Tired of Your Spider Veins?

Are You Tired of Your Spider Veins? Spider Veins on Woman's Legs

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are a cosmetic annoyance. The treatment of them is not covered by medical. The cost can range from $200 – 600 per session.

The Nd:YAG Laser System

The most common laser used to treat spider veins is the Nd:YAG laser system. The Nd:YAG is able to target the individual veins precisely with a hand held device. To minimize discomfort throughout the treatment a cooling system is used on the skin as the laser glides along the veins.

Here’s How the Laser Works

The Nd:YAG laser penetrates the skin into the superficial blood vessel.  The heat generated from the laser coagulates the blood within the vein, causing the vein to seal up. In the next weeks, the spider veins will slowly disappear, without injury to the surrounding tissue.

Is Laser Therapy Painful?

A state-of-the-art cooling system, with the more current lasers, are used to prevent too much heat onto the targeted veins, by the laser system. Another option that can be used if there is no cooling system used, is a local anesthetic to numb the area.

How Do You Prepare Beforehand?

  • You will want to avoid sun exposure of the area to be treated four weeks prior to treatment.
  • Refrain from hot showers/baths, saunas, hot tubs, pools or any excess stimulation to the area to be treated for 48 hours before treatment. Refrain from going to the gym or jogging.
  • Avoid lotions, cosmetics and other preparations for the skin on the day of treatment. Example: makeup, perfumes (the laser may react with these products.) Self-tanners should not be used for a week prior to treatment.
  • Avoid aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, alcohol a week prior to treatment.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Vein Treatment?

There is a consultation/evaluation that takes place prior to receiving laser treatments to make sure you are a candidate. Also, the consultation/evaluation is to ensure there is not another underlying condition such as varicose veins. Laser is very effective in treating the smaller spider veins with minimal risk.

The Side Effects of Laser Therapy

Directly after treatment the veins will appear reddish in colour. Use of a cold gel pack or ice pack directly after treatment is recommended. Over the next few days some veins may change to be more brown in colour or may even appear to look slightly-bruised, this is very normal. The veins will gradually fade over the next 6 – 8 weeks for the face and 8 – 12 weeks for the legs. Wearing compression stockings after will help with the healing process. You can resume your work responsibilities.

How Many Treatments are Needed?

Depending on vein size and number, two to six treatments may be needed. Treatments are done 6 – 12 weeks apart. Final results will be more apparent after several months.

What Are the Expected Results?

Most clients report a high degree of satisfaction with the procedure. They no longer have to feel the need to hide previous unsightly veins. The areas are noticeably clearer and continue to improve with each successive treatment.

Till the End of October

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