How Do I Choose an Electrologist?

Needle Electrolysis being performed on a woman's legs.
Needle Electrolysis

Electrologists are people who have special training to perform electrolysis. If you are considering electrolysis, it’s important that you do your research before committing to sessions. The wrong decision can mean extra sessions and cost along with unnecessary discomfort and scarring.

Know the Professional’s Qualifications

There should be a license and certification in place. Be sure the practitioner’s certificate and license is current and on display. Look for electrologists who have certification from an accredited electrology school.

Ask Around

One of the best ways to find good services is to ask friends and family as well as your doctor for recommendations. If you know anybody who has undergone electrolysis treatment, ask for their input.

Get a Consultation

Many places will give you a free consultation. During the consultation, be sure all your questions are answered. Some things you may want to ask about include: how the procedure will feel; how many visits you will likely need; how much each visit will cost; how long will each session last; how long has the practitioner been in business and the number of clients that have been treated by the electrologist.

Make Sure the Electrologist Uses the Right Technique

The practitioner should be using needle electrolysis, which is the only permanent form of hair removal. Some places may advertise electrolysis but use electronic tweezers or photo-epilators instead. These are not permanent hair removal procedures.

Use Common Sense

When you go for your consultation, look around. Does the place look clean? Do they use disposable gloves and needles? Is there proper sterilization being used for electrolysis utensils? Does the performing electrologist strike you as professional? Personal comfort with your electrologist is essential to knowing you have made the right choice.

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